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Concept Investigation: Toll
Prepared by:
Militsa Stoitsev F78526

1. Legal Dictionary:
A sum of money paid for the right to use a road, highway, or bridge. To postpone or ssuspend.

2. Oxford Dictionary:
A charge payable to use a bridge or road;
A charge for a long-distance telephone call;
The number of deaths or casualties arising from a natural disaster, conflict, accident, etc.;  
The adverse effect of something.

3. Free Dictionary:
A fixed charge or tax for a privilege, especially for passage across a bridge or along a road;
A charge for a service, such as a telephone call to another country;
An amount or extent of loss or destruction, as of life, health, or property;

Metaphorical definition
Idiom: to take a/its toll - to have a cumulative negative effect on someone or something, be damaging or harmful, cause loss or destruction, death, suffering

The war has taken its toll on the people.
The problems of the past few months have taken their toll on her health and there are shadows under her eyes.

Originally in a general sense of "payment exacted by an authority;" meaning "charge for right of passage along a road" is from late 15c.

Old English toll > variant of toln, cognate with Old Norse tollr > Old Frisian tolen > Old High German zol > Late Latin tolonium "custom house.“

"impost, tribute, passage-money, rent,"








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