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Lollipop lady/man
Concept investigation of crossing guards in Britain

by Citara Bakirova

Dictionary definition
Lollipop lady/man by Oxford dictionaries.

A woman or man who is employed to help children cross the road safely near a school by holding up a circular sign on a pole to stop the traffic.

Dictionary definition
Lollipop lady/man by Urban dictionary.

A crossing guard, holding a big "stop" sign resembling a lollipop.
We can't cross the road until the lollipop lady says it's ok.

Dictionary definition

Lolipop lady/man by Free dictionary.

Someone who helps people (especially children) at a traffic crossing

Data investigation
Usually paid by the hour, between £7.50 and £12.25, term-time only.

Working hours
Usually work for around 1 to 2 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Your actual hours will depend on the opening and closing times of the schools near your crossing.

26,000 lollipop men and women in the UK
The number of lollipop ladies have fallen by more than 1,000 in the past 5 years
More than 419 School Crossing Patrollers have left in the last year alone

Lollipop ladies/men in the news

Lollipop ladies/men most frequently appear in the news in connection to job cuts and declining numbers.

Lollipop ladies/men in the news

According to Dailymail -

“...number of lollipop ladies has fallen by more than 1,000 in five years as councils cut costs...“ which make 19% over the past five years.

Lollipop ladies/men in the news
According to BBC, only in Scotland - ''School crossing patrol personnel numbers have dropped by about 75 since 2013''
Lollipop ladies/men in the news

''This is mostly because a cost-cutting drive as local authorities try to save money.
The total amount spent by councils on the wages of crossing patrollers has been cut by almost £3million over five years (from £19.6m to £16.7million)'' – Daily Mail.

In both articles is very clear said that the decline of lolipop ladies/men is due to cuts in budget.
''A spokesman for Stirling Council, which had the biggest cut to school patrol services, said the decision was made three years ago following substantial cuts to its overall budget.'' - BBC

Lollipop Man: Song by The Sweet

Released in 1969
Failed to make the Charts
Ostensibly about crossing the street to meet a girl, however, more metaphorically dealing with bridging the gap between a boy and a girl against the backdrop of the very different social landscape of 1960s England.

''Any kind of weather
Bringing us together''

Lollipop Man

Song by The Sweet

And here it is the song itself
''You go to the girl's school
And I go to the boy's school
Both separated by a lollipop man
I must cross the street to
Get around to meet you
Therefore I have to pass a lollipop man''