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by Elena Pavlova


Mansions date back from the Late Middle English, to modern times they are still used as vacation spots and not permanent homes. Bellow I will give a list of the different definitions the dictionaries give:


  • Cambridge Dictionary:

mansion [ˈmæn.ʃən] (noun) – a very large, expensive house.

  • Oxford Dictionary:

mansion [ˈmanʃ(ə)n] (noun) – a large impressive house.

  • Urban Dictionary:

mansion – generally a big house.

  • Marriam Webster :

mansion [ˈman(t)-shən] (noun) –

a) the act of remaining or dwelling.

b) a large imposing residence.


The word itself originates from Old French, from the word mansio which means dwelling, an abstract noun derived from the verb manere - to dwell.

In Europe from the 16th Century onwards the Renaissance style of architecture slowly spread across Europe. The last vestiges of castle architecture and life changed; the central points of these great houses, great halls, became redundant as owners wished to live separately from their servants, and no longer ate with them in a Great Hall. All evidence and odors of cooking and staff were banished from the principal parts of the house into distant wings, while the owners began to live in airy rooms, above the ground floor, with privacy from their servants. This was a period of great social change, as the educated prided themselves on enlightenment.

Until World War 1 it was not unusual for a moderately sized mansion in England such as Cliveden to have an indoor staff of 20 and an outside staff of the same size , and in ducal mansions such as Chatsworth House the numbers could be far higher.

In the 19th Century in Europe mansions were often built as replicas of older houses. One of the most enduring and most frequently copied styles for a mansion is the Palladian. Mansions were built in the new and innovative styles of the new era. However, the Gothic style was probably the most popular choice of design in the 19th century.


These new mansions were often built as the week-end retreats of businessmen who commuted to their offices by the new railways, which enabled them to leave the city more easily. Mansions built during the 20th and 21st centuries usually have specially designed rooms meant to accommodate leisure activities of a particular kind. Many will have a conservatory or greenhouse, while others will have an infinity pool or a home theater. Some have all of these features. The relative importance of these specially designed rooms changes with the times. At the beginning of the 20th century, no true mansion would have been built without a room to house a private library or study, while at the beginning of the 21st century the presence of a room designed for a home theater or cinema is normal. Most recently, mansions have been built with integrated home automation. Some other technology-inclined mansions may even have a bowling alley or a server room.

The word mansion is everywhere from a band to a hotel name. There are many sites dedicated to modern day mansions and because of the big interest many magazines have started publishing about the topic. When publishing materials on this topic there are mainly pictures, very little text and it praises how beautiful they are and the writer or editor wished they had a mansion of their own. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. have pages dedicated to publishing pictures of pretty mansions, which people love and that account or page becomes famous.

In songs the word mansion is rarely used, but in poetry, ah, I my hands are starting to itch to write my own poem describing my perfect big house. I went across so many, but only one caught my attention, because the feeling you receive from it is honesty.


A Castle in the Sky

James Tate

Ahh! First glimpse of my mansion!

What unexpected grandeur!

A glistening structure of elegance,

Built to long endure!


Designed by the Master architect,

Who knows me through and through.

He didn’t ask me about this castle,

He knew exactly what to do.


He placed it on a high point,

Like a city on a hill.

It can be seen far away,

Showing His stately skill.


Built to last for eternity,

On streets of gold, to look sublime.

Near gates of pearl and walls of jasper,

With a touch of pure divine!

Metaphors are used in the text such as glistering structure, master architect, gates of pearl and streets of gold. There are only minor similes such as city on a hill and basically that is it.


Mansion are build sadly by rich people and even if they give them under rent still the fee is too high for a normal person to afford.

They used them mainly as vacation homes and are built far away from the city and noisy areas. Like everybody else these rich people want a getaway spot for the weekend or summer to just relax and gather their thoughts. The only difference is that they do it in more luxury.