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English for political science : Level C 1+ : [Компактдиск]

English for political science : Level C 1+ : [Компактдиск]

English for political science : Level C 1+ : [Компактдиск]

Rossitsa Hristova

The book is intended for use by C1+ users of the English language and in this case University students. It may be assumed that the students will have the background knowledge of the subject Political Science before they use this book. The book is intended as a course book giving them, the students, practice in using all aspects of the English language, Speaking, Use of English, Reading, Listening and Writing. The purpose of the book from the student perspective should be a tool which they can use to enhance their learning experience. Students need to have a book that is useful in furthering their learning needs in that it provides them with suitable exercises at the appropriate level. Challenging in that the exercises are not considered to be below the target language level. Interesting in that they can actually learn something new from using the book. As this book is aimed at Cl+ level students the book has to be careful not to be merely a grammar book as per B1 level. The book has to provide specialise language practice as it is in the area of ESP. (Paul Doherty)

Година на издаване: 2013

Корици: Меки

ISBN: 9789545357671

Език: Български

Размери: 16x23

Страници: 96

Тегло: 183 грама

Издателство: Нов български университет