DepartmentForeign Languages and Cultures

Head of Department

 Prof. Diana Yankova, Ph.D.




Currently full Professor and Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures. She joined the English Department at New Bulgarian University in 1999 as an assistant professor. She served as Director of Studies (2004-2006) and was member of the Faculty Council at the Undergraduate School (2009-2016). In April 2018, following the merging of the former departments of English Studies and Romance and Germanic Languages, she was appointed Chair of the newly founded Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures.


She holds a BA and an MA degree in English Studies, specializing in Applied Linguistics, and a PhD in Comparative Linguistics both from Sofia University. In 2007, she was promoted to Associate Professor and as of 2013 tenured Professor of English at NBU.  


Her research interests and contributions are in the field of applied linguistics with a special emphasis on EAP, ESP, ELP, convergence of legal studies and linguistics, EU legal terminology, culture studies and cultural awareness, intercultural communication, sociolinguistics and pragmatics, discourse analysis.


Recent PhD studies she has supervised include research on the following topics: ESP terminology, equivalence in translation of legal texts, code-switching.


Author of monographs, among which “Canadian Kaleidoscope” (2006), “The Text and Context of European Directives. Translation Issues in Approximating Legislation” (2008), “Legal Englishes: The Discourse of Statutory Texts” (2013), and more than 80 academic articles published in over 20 countries by academic publishers and in specialized journals, such as John Benjamins, Peter Lang, University of Ottawa Press, SKY Journal of Linguistics, International Journal for Canadian Studies, International Journal of Language Studies, Etudes Canadiennes, Iberica, Central European Journal of Canadian Studies, British Journal of Canadian Studies. She has delivered over 80 academic presentations at international conferences, symposia and congresses, some of which in the capacity of invited keynote speaker and has in addition organized several international conferences and congresses.


Editor of six academic collections of articles, current editorial board member of several specialized academic journals. She frequently sits as member of academic committees awarding academic degrees and titles.


Prof. Yankova has won a number of research projects and research grants, and has completed several qualification courses, financed by academic organizations and institutions, amongst which: Salzburg Seminar (1996, 2004), British Council (1997), Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs (2000-2001), Grundtvig (2004, 2013), Socrtaes (2004), ESSE (2011), EEA (2012, 2015), Erasmus (2011, 2017), SCOPES (2014), Humboldt (2017), and has collaborated with partners from the Universities of York, Shanghai, Bergen, Zurich, Oxford, McGill, Bonn, among others.


Current second-term President of the Central European Association for Canadian Studies (CEACS), founder and first President of the Bulgarian Society for Canadian Studies (2004 – 2006), Vice-President of CEACS (2006-2012), Member of the Bulgarian Union of Scientists (since 2004), founding member of the International Language and Law Association, founding member of the Bulgarian Society for British Studies, founding member of the Bulgarian American Studies Association.


Fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and German and has studied Arabic.



Contact information:

Building 2, Office 201

tel.: +359 2 8110 351

е-mail: dyankova@nbu.bg